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Constructive Learning Environment

for Mechatronics is a dedicated learning environment for mechatronic training. It provides you with a suitable set of tools and equipment for your laboratory and covers a wide spectrum
of your curriculum.

With Clear for Mechatronics you can run real pneumatic or electro-pneumatic components on a baseboard. Your real circuit can run together in connection
with a complex, simulated factory context. The real subsystem can be handled as a separated aspect of the virtual system, inte-grated with a special sensor/actor interface. The system works both in a local classroom setting as well as in a network of distributed learning groups, using Clear as a platform for communication and collaboration. This provides the possibility to work with remote schools or companies together on complex tasks or projects.

Clear for Mechatronics is not just a loose collec-tion of stand-alone tools. Instead, it is an inte-grated learning environment providing diverse inter-faces between software components and even hardware equipment.

Distributed Constructive Learning Space

A 3D environment with avatarsprovides a consistent and intuitive user interface. Virtual mecha-tronic systems can be visualised, safely simulated or even constructed. Also, the environment includes communication functionality.

Mechatronic Construction Kit

With the reliable hardware toolkits of FESTO Didactic students can construct authentic pneumatic or electro-pneumatic circuits.


Simulation has proven to be a valuable tool for planning, programming and optimisation of robot work cells and control circuits. It is cost efficient, safe and supports explorative learning without any risks. Complex system behaviour can be easily understood.


Mechatronic hardware equipment can be connected to a virtual environment with a special sensor-actor coupling. This virtual environment gives you i.e. the impression of tubes and wires as if they were reality.

Optical Circuit Recognition

Real electro-pneumatic circuits can be directly imported into the virtual world. A system with camera and image recog-nition software captures the components as well as tubes and wires with barcodes. 3D representations and circuit diagrams are automatically generated.

Hypermedia Assistant

Easily accessible web-based learning material contains theoretical background information, online exercises and component libraries. ROMAN Technology The RealObjectManager (ROMAN) platform coordinates the interoperability of the software tools and hardware equipment. It synchronises model data in the system components and handles network access.