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Entwicklung einer realitätsorientierten Benutzungsoberfläche für Werkstattrechner


Project Data

Dipl. Inform. Ingrid Rügge, Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.W. Bruns
Forschungszentrum Arbeit und Technik (artec)

This project is supported by the FNK of the University of Bremen.
Duration: 15. 10. 96 - 14. 10. 99



Several simulation projects in industrial production and logistics indicated, that despite of the availability of computer supported modelling systems with sophisticated graphical output features, real physical models still play an important role for cognition and communication. A central focus of our studies at the artec Research Centre for Work and Technology aims at the combination of these two model worlds, keeping and using the advantages of both kinds of representation. In order to connect reality with a computer model, a data glove is used as an interface device. It captures hand movements of users and allows the recognition of reality changes, simultaneously updating the virtual model. This way an abstract internal computer model ist created by modelling with physical objects. The virtual model can further be used for systematic simulations.


Grasping Real and Virtual Reality

Grasping real objects with a dataglove is recorded and recognised by pattern recognition algorithms yielding to a synchronised update of the virtual world.


Ingrid Rügge, 7.9.1997